Styles of Bodywork Offered
Sessions are 45 Min.| 75 Min.| 2 Hours in length
and cost is $85 | $135 | $200

*Please note this price reflects the self pay option at the time of Service.

NeuroDynamic Cupping Massage

for Chronic Pain,

 Discomfort, Relaxation, Stress and Anxiety

Whether you need a

focused 45 minute session for one muscle group, or a 2-hour* in-depth full body revamp, I have you covered.



Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Taking deep pressure to the next level!

A Myofacial Deep Tissue Technique applied with the soles of the feet. Perfect massage to assist in athletic recovery and for those who love deep tissue massage.



Guided Relaxation + Mindset 

for Relaxation massage of the Subconscious Mind

Ideal for those who want to create change on a deeper level. Improve Habits, Sleep, Performance, Confidence and Overall Health and Wellness.

Biomat (1).jpg


Pure Synergy Session 


Reboot and Restore with Therapeutic Sounds and Vibrations.


By combining vibroacoustic with infrared and crystal therapy these techniques have been scientifically proven to help improve your overall well-being and health.


Virtual Session

for Self Care, Partners Class or Hypnosis

Starting with your FREE consultation we discuss your goals and then design a session that is specific to your needs.


Medical Massage

for HSA, Flex and Auto Accidents

By working closely with your medical team this session is based on the prescribed course of treatment for rehabilitation of specific injuries.


Consultation is required BEFORE your hands on session(s) can be scheduled. Billed at $45/Unit (15 minutes) if not paid at time of service.